At the heart of my work lies an endless search. In the literal sense this has been about telling a story, but more recently the searching has turned inward. In previous works I have depicted a journey made by ambiguous characters. A trail of wanton fearful animals, clipping at the heals of those in front to escape whatever chases. They search for the light. Now this idea of searching has moved into a more conceptual place. Searching, scratching the ground beneath us, for meaning. I feel surrounded by the fears that arise from lack of meaning. That empty hole we stuff with wadding. Fill with potions. Striking one after another damp match. Shelves stacked full of self-help books do little to quell the rising anxiety. Time is ticking. Time is running away with me.

Deciphering my art is probably like unravelling my most private thoughts. The question ‘what are we doing here’ arising often. There is a loss of reality, a ‘falling through a hatch door that leads nowhere’ kind of fear.

I have always been very clear about the importance of colour in my work. In my collection 'Waiting For Entry into That Holy Place', this has never been more evident. Colour lifts my work from the macabre and burdening to the lighter echelons of frivolity and pop culture. But scratch the surface and a whole new world is revealed.


2007 – Byam Shaw School of Art – BA Fine Art


Solo shows: 

2013 - 'Waiting For Entry into That Holy Place'  with Roberta Moore Contemporary. Gallery on Redchurch Street, London

2011 - ‘Impressions Of A Wind-Up Bird’, The Hempel, London

2009 - ‘METROPOLIS’, Gallery 5, London

2008 - 'Sinister Stories', Commander Exhibition Room, London

2008 - ‘UNIT Gallery’, Soho, London

2007 - ‘Finewel Gallery’, London

Group Shows: 

2012 - ARTHaus, Degree Art, Vyner St

2012 - London Calling, OCCCA, California, USA

2011 - ‘Literal.Eyes’ London Miles Gallery, London May 12- 16th

2011 – ‘MOMAC’ Pop-up, Gloucester

2011 - ‘Debut Contemporary’, London

2010 - ‘ArtBeat’ Pop-Up, London

2010 - ‘ArtBeat’ London Fashion Week, London

2010 - ‘Art Boutique’, Bath

2010 - ‘Lloyd Gill Gallery’, Weston-Super-Mare

2010 - ‘Oh! de Toilette’, Queen of Hoxton, London 

2009 -‘Scouting For Art’, Folk Showrooms, London

2008 - ‘Turf Gallery’, London

2007 – VCCP, London

Art Fairs/Auctions: 

2013 - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, Roberta Moore Contemporary

2011 - The Other Art Fair, Bargehouse, Southbank, London

2009 - Samsung for Breast Cancer Awareness charity auction

2008 - ‘RANK ART’, Art Auction, London


2013 – Shortlisted for '100 Painters of Tomorrow' 

2012 – Shortlisted for Dazed and Confused Emerging Artist award




'I Used To Go To Church, Now I'm Just Confused' - 2011